Spring Plumbing Maintenance – Quick Tips

Many homeowners know that routine maintenance of big-ticket items like the furnace and the air conditioner can go a long way. But not everyone realizes that plumbing maintenance is just as important. While it’s always a good idea to have an expert like the professionals here at River City Plumbing in Reno conduct a formal maintenance service call, there are a few DIY things you can do for spring plumbing maintenance. Here are our quick tips.

Look for Leaks

This is a simple visual inspection of your faucets and toilets. You’re looking for any water that continues dripping from the connections after you’ve shut off the faucets, or a toilet that continues running well after it’s been flushed. Addressing these issues will improve the function of your faucets and toilets, and could even lower your water bill!

You should also check accessible pipes under your sink or in your crawl space if it’s not too difficult to get down there. We had quite the winter this year here in northern Nevada, so it’s a good idea to make sure your pipes made it through okay.

Address your Drains

Your drains shouldn’t smell unpleasant, so odors from any of your drains may be a sign of drains that aren’t running properly. Another sign is slow moving drains. First, check to make sure that hair and other debris aren’t causing clogs in the pipes. A strain can help prevent this from happening. A simple DIY option is trying a drain cleaner and following up with eight or so pints of water.

Address the Water Heater

Double check the temperature of your water – it shouldn’t be higher than 120°F, which will lower your energy use and prevent scalding. Keep in mind that water heaters older than 15 years aren’t nearly as energy efficient as newer models. But if you have no immediate plans for an upgrade, there are still ways to help keep it running properly. River City Plumbing is happy to make some recommendations, so contact us today!

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