6 Reasons Your Toilet is Always Clogged


A toilet that won’t flush is an inconvenience no one wants. And if you’re finding yourself digging out the plunger on a regular basis, you’re probably wondering what’s wrong with your toilet. We hear about these issues all the time here at River City Plumbing in Reno. Here are six reasons your toilet is always clogged.

1. There’s a Mechanical Issue

The flapper is a likely culprit. This piece is what allows water for move from the tank to the toilet bowl. When it isn’t working properly and doesn’t release enough water by opening fully, your toilet won’t flush properly. You can try adjusting the chain in the tank to ensure that the flapper is open completely when you flush.

2. You’re Putting the Wrong Stuff in the Toilet

The only things that should go into any toilet are waste and toilet paper, but you’d be surprised what people think can be flushed away! Things like facial tissues, sanitary products, hair, paper towels, dental floss, or worst of all, diapers, should never, ever be flushed down your toilet. It’s not designed to handle these products. If you have a toilet that’s regularly clogged and you know there are no inappropriate products being dropped in there, quiz the kids and make sure their toilet paper use is moderate.

3. The Trap is Clogged

Any of the items above can clog the toilet’s trap, which is a S-shaped piece between the toilet and the drain. It’s there to keep sewer odors and gases from seeping into the air, but it can become clogged. If you suspect this may be the issue, this is a job for your plunger. Cover the entire toilet opening with your plunger, and move it back and forth to create suction that should help push out whatever’s clogged in the trap.

4. It’s Your Drain Line

A clogged drain line can’t be addressed with a plunger, but you can use a commercial drain opener. Make sure to follow the directions carefully. If this doesn’t resolve your issue, there could be a drain line issue in another part of your home that’s affecting your toilet. In this case, it’s probably a good idea to bring in a professional like River City Plumbing.

5. It Could Be the Water Supply Line

If the tank doesn’t collect enough water to properly flush, it could be an issue with your water supply line. You can use a screwdriver to turn the metal or plastic arm that’s attached to the float inside the tank clockwise. As the ball rises, the water level will too. A vertical fill valve is adjusted by squeezing the clip on top of the metal bar attached to the fill valve. Pull it up as high as you can and then let go.

6. You Might Have Hard Water Build-Up

Hard water deposits can build up in the toilet and affect its ability to flush properly. You can try scraping them off near the toilet portholes (beneath the rim) with a wire hanger, but your best option is likely contacting a professional.

There’s nothing like a clogged toilet to mess up your day, and if these DIY options don’t help, River City Plumbing is here to help. We’re here for emergency service, too, so contact us today!

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