Household Items to Keep Out of Your Drains


We’ve all been there – holding a pan full of bacon grease or some used cotton swabs with a handy kitchen sink or toilet nearby. But dumping household waste down the drain – any drain – can be a costly mistake. Dumping common household items in the toilet or sink can lead to clogs, backed-up drains, and other headaches. If you want to keep your sinks and toilets in proper running order, keep these household items out of your drains.

In the Kitchen – Fat, Oil & Grease

If you’re in the habit of dumping pan grease down the drain, it’s time to stop. Think about greasy pans you’ve left on the stove-top or counter – ever noticed how the leftover fat and grease congeals and hardens? The same thing happens in your drain! Not only does this congealing mess stick to the sides of your pipes, it traps other materials on their way down. And that means serious clogs and slow-running drains.

In the Kitchen – Egg Shells & Other Food Waste

Your garbage disposal can likely make quick work of your egg shells, rotisserie chicken bones, or other hard food waste. But in the interest of keeping your drains running properly, err on the side of caution and put leftover food waste in the compost pile or, as a last resort, the trash can.

Coffee grounds are just as bad. Don’t ever dump them down the drain – compost or toss instead.

In the Bathroom – Hair & Dental Floss

Hair tends to find its way down the drain in your bathroom sink, tub, and shower. Do what you can to keep it to just a few strands. The more that goers down there, the sooner you’ll have a clog to deal with. Dental floss accumulates in a similar fashion, so make sure it ends up in the trash can and not down the drain.

In the Bathroom – Paper Products

Toiler paper that goes down the toilet is one thing – it’s designed to dissolve in water when it’s used properly in small amounts. But don’t assume that other bathroom paper products, like cotton balls, cotton swabs, or cotton rounds, will work in the same way. When these products get wet, they’re more likely to create a clog.

Read This Too Late?

If you’re reading this with dawning understanding because you routinely throw food down the drain and you’ve been wondering why it’s running so slowly, River City Plumbing can help. Between our drain snake services and video camera inspections, we can pinpoint the issues in your drain and offer a competitive price to speedily resolve them. Contact River City Plumbing today.

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