4 Plumbing Myths, Debunked


There are a surprising number of myths in the world of plumbing, unusual or confusing tips passed along from one homeowner to another. Here are four of the most persistent myths, debunked.

It’s Fine If the Package Reads “Flushable”

There are specific items that can be flushed down a toilet – toilet paper and human waste. It’s a bad idea to flush anything else, and that includes baby or facial wipes, moist wipes, kitty litter, even if they’re labeled as flushable. The truth is, they do and will clog your toilet at some point, and you’ll be stuck dealing with the fallout.

Keep a Brick in the Toilet Tank

A particularly long-standing myth involves a brick in the toilet tank. The idea is that the brick will displace water, which means a little bit of water conservation with every flush. In reality, decaying bricks can cause issues you don’t want. There’s a much better way to save water – opt for a high-efficiency toilet instead. In Reno and Sparks, River City Plumbing can help.

Certain Food Scraps Clean the Garbage Disposal

Coffee grounds, egg shells, uncooked rice, even citrus rinds will help clean your disposal, or so the myth goes. While the citrus rinds may freshen things up temporarily, the first three will actually cause damage. If you need to clean your garbage disposal, look for a cleaning product specifically designed for the purpose. If you’re having an issue with slow draining, contact an expert.

Working Drains Mean No Problems

No matter how careful you are, drains in your kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room will develop build up over time. It’s simply the nature of drains, which is why it’s important to have them inspected occasionally as needed. If you notice foul odors or slow draining, it’s a sign to call a plumber.

In Reno and Sparks, River City Plumbing is proud to offer emergency plumbing service around the clock. But you don’t have to wait for an emergency. Contact us today, and we’ll schedule a visit to ensure your pipes are in perfect working order.

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