The Value of Leak Detection for Residential Customers

For a very long time, the only way to detect leaks in a homeowner’s pipes was by visual inspection – namely, an enormous leak. Because huge water bursts often begin as pinprick-sized leaks, they were largely undetectable until they become a big, expensive problem. Fortunately for River City Plumbing and the Reno-Sparks customers we serve, leak detection has come a very long way.

What is Leak Detection?

In the 50s and 60s, infrared imaging was adapted to create line images, which could be used in a number of applications. Paired with digital technology, it became possible to take photos of a section of wall and use infrared to find isothermic images on the photos. In other words – leak identification. With today’s sophisticated leak detection technology, professionals like those here at River City Plumbing can accurately locate an underground or otherwise hidden leak so that necessary repairs can be made – and all without the need to excavate.

Our cutting-edge leak detection technology includes imaging and listening equipment, which gives our technicians the ability to properly assess a plumbing situation before starting repairs. Meanwhile, customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing they can expect minimal mess and damage to walls, floors, or landscapes. In turn, that means less expense.

If you suspect a water leak somewhere, evidenced by a musty smell, buckled, cracking or stained floors or ceilings, or warped walls, don’t let the problem get any worse. Contact River City Plumbing now to take advantage of our leak detection services. We’ll pinpoint the issue so it can be properly resolved.

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