Three Tips to Maintain your Water Heater During Hot Summer Months


Many household appliances are largely ignored – until something goes wrong. But a little prevention can go a long way, and that’s true for water heaters, too (even in the middle of summer). These hard-working appliances are expected to pump out hot water whenever we need it – in the shower, at the sink, and for use in other appliances. And if you skipped a spring tune-up, here are a few tips for maintaining your water heater during the summer.

Keep an Eye on the Temperature

We’ve written before about the ideal temperature for a hot water heater. And while personal preference will play a role and there are safety standards to observe, dropping from the factory setting of 140F to the 120F range will save you some green and reduce your energy consumption. Plus, in the hot summer months, dropping the temperature will still be pleasant.

Keep it Insulated

If you have a newer water heater, it’s likely already lined. But an older water heater that doesn’t have any insulation is worth addressing. Adding insulation to your water heater helps it operate more efficiently and consume less energy while maintaining water temperatures.

Check the Pilot

A gas-powered water heather with a pilot light should be monitored periodically. A blue flame is a good sign. But a red or orange flame can be a sign of trouble. If you’re seeing red or orange, contact the professionals at River City Plumbing in Reno so we can address the issue right away.

While these tips are useful for maintenance, you may still run into issues with your water heater. When that happens, we’re here to help. Our certified plumbers have the experience and skill set to tackle your plumbing issues, and we’re proud to offer timely, cheerful service and competitive rates. The next time you need a plumber, remember River City Plumbing in Reno.

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