The Impact of Summer Heat on Residential Plumbing


The summer heat is officially here – we’re logging triple digit days here in Reno, Sparks and across northern Nevada. That means your air conditioner is probably getting a workout, which makes sense. But you might be surprised to learn that your plumbing takes a beating in the summertime, too. Clogged drains, leaky pipes, and sun damage are all possible. Here’s what to know about the impact of summer heat on residential plumbing.

Clogged Drains

Normally, heavy hosting of all those backyard barbecues means a greater likelihood of clogged drains. This summer, we’re all spending more time at home, which means your drains are still at risk of clogs. If you’re regularly reaching for the plunger, consider scheduling a visit with River City Plumbing. We’ll make sure there’s nothing more serious going on.

Your garbage disposal may also be working overtime. Keep in mind that you should avoid tossing in hard food items, as well as those with long, stringy fibers (like onion skins, lettuce, celery, etc.) or items that will swell upon contact with water (rice and pasta). If you’re still having a problem, give us a call.

Leaky Pipes

You probably know that freezing temperatures are problematic for your pipes, but leaks in warm weather are also an issue. High water pressure, invasive tree roots and shifts in your foundation can all trigger leaks, while heavier irrigation means more stress on your pipes. If you have any pipes that are exposed, UV rays from the sunshine is going to weaken them. Exposed plumbing should also be covered with insulation or otherwise treated for protection. If you notice any exposed pipes or structural damage, don’t ignore it. It’ll be a costly fix down the line, so address it as soon as you see it.

Need a Plumber?

We know you have choices when it comes to plumbers in Reno, and we hope you’ll remember River City Plumbing here in Reno. We offer 24-hour emergency repair, so we’re here with experienced, professional service whenever you need it.

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