4 Common Plumbing Problems (And How to Fix Them)


If your homes has pipes, you’re going to eventually run into some kind of plumbing problem. But not every plumbing problem means you need to call in a professional. While the pros here at River City Plumbing in Reno are always ready to help when you need it, we’re happy to share a few tips for plumbing problems you may be able to handle on your own. Here are four common plumbing problems, and what you can do to fix them.

The Water Pressure is Low

No water pressure at the sink? Check to see if both hot and cold water is affected. If so, the aerator may have build-up that are impacting the water pressure. Try removing the aerator and clearing out the debris by scrubbing with an old toothbrush.

The Drain Won’t Drain

The sink or tub or shower is draining, but it’s happening really slowly. First, check the drain. It’s likely clogged with hair and debris that’s slowing down the water. You can use needle-nose pliers to remove as much of the gunk as you can reach. Then try a DIY remedy for clearing the drain. Avoid commercial drain cleaners, which are corrosive by nature and aren’t great for your pipes. Hot water, a baking soda/vinegar combination, or a cup plunger can work wonders.

If you try this and you’re still dealing with slow drains, River City Plumbing can conduct diagnostics to pinpoint the real issue.

The Garbage Disposal is Jammed

If your garbage disposal stops doing its job when you flick the switch, an Allen key can often do the trick. Insert the key into the slot at the bottom of the disposal and turn it in both directions to free the motor. Still not working? Garbage disposals can stop working for a number of issues, and this may be a reason to contact River City Plumbing for expert service.

The Toilet is Running Nonstop

A running toilet is wasteful and annoying. There could be a few culprits to your run-in toilet, and you need to figure out which part is at fault. It may be the fill valve, the flipper, or the flush valve. It’s often a matter of repairing or replacing one of these components, and you may be more comfortable calling in a professional.

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