Here’s How You Know You Need an Emergency Plumber


Plumbing issues can be expensive and problematic, but how do you know when you’re dealing with a scenario that warrants calling in an emergency plumber? Short of water flooding your bathroom or basement, are there any signs that a given plumbing issue just can’t wait? Actually, yes. Here’s how you know you need an emergency plumber.

You Don’t Have Water

Assuming you don’t live in a condo or apartment building, where water may sometimes be shut off for repairs, no water when you run the taps in your home isn’t a good sign. Usually, water stops running properly because of a leak or break in your pipes. And it’s a situation that’s best resolved as rapidly as possible.

In Reno and Sparks, River City Plumbing offers underground plumbing services to detect these kinds of hidden issues, so if you’re searching online now to figure out why you don’t have any water and whether you need an emergency plumber, the answer is yes!

Yep – this is an emergency.

You Keep Noticing Lingering Odors

If your bathrooms are smelling like a sewer and the odor just won’t quit, try pouring some hot water down the drain. Best case scenario is that your p-trap ran dry. But if that doesn’t do the trick, refrain from dumping anything else down there and call in a pro for a thorough inspection and resolution. You could be dealing with a broken valve.

You can schedule a plumbing visit for this one.

Your Pipes may be Frozen

Frozen pipes can lead to expensive, disruptive repairs. The best cure is prevention, but warning signs of frozen pipes including frost on your pipes and frozen spigots. This puts you at risk of flooding and means you probably have no water.

Yep – this is an emergency.

When can you Schedule Ahead?

  • Preventative maintenance, like a furnace tune-up or water heater flush
  • Slow running drains
  • Remodeling
  • Inspections
  • Appliance installation
  • Minor repairs for things like leaky faucets and running toilets

For emergency or scheduled plumbing visits, contact River City Plumbing today.

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