Five Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Northern Nevada in Autumn


The calendar says autumn is officially here, which makes it a good time for a little seasonal maintenance around the home. That includes a few plumbing best practices. Plan to check these items off your list before winter, and your pipes will be in good shape for cold weather.

Outdoor Faucets & Hoses

We’re still watering for now, but as temperatures dip and freezes become more likely, you’ll need to disconnect your hoses. Otherwise, water inside the hose may freeze and expand, doing damage to faucets and any connected pipes in your home. Avoid this situation by disconnecting hoses, draining them, and storing them somewhere dry for the winter.

You’ll also want to check your exterior faucets for any signs of leaks or drips. If you think you’re dealing with a leak, call River City Plumbing in Reno now to get them fixed. A leaky exterior faucet can be problematic during a freeze, causing water damage and serious plumbing issues.

Some homes have interior shut-off valves for exterior faucets. In that case, make sure to shut off the interior valve and open the outdoor faucet valve to drain the pipe.

Insulate Pipes

Pipes in unheated areas of the home, like a crawl space or garage, should be properly insulated to keep them from freezing over the winter.

Seal Gaps

Check for any gaps that may have developed at any of the spots pipes enter your home. These weak points can allow cold air to seep in, causing your healing bill to soar and potentially freezing your pipes. Weather stripping, caulk, and insulation can all be used to seal gaps if you have them.

Check the Sump Pump

If your home has a sump pump that isn’t properly insulated, it’s subject to freezing in cold enough temperatures, which will prevent it from working properly.

Flush the Water Heater

Making sure that your water heater is ready to work hard this winter is important. You can make sure yours is running efficiently by having it flushed to remove sediment buildup.

River City Plumbing is available to prep your plumbing this autumn for winter – contact us for this important home maintenance, and rest easy come winter!

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