Four Important Plumbing Considerations During a Bathroom Renovation


Planning a bathroom renovation can be a lot of fun. There are exciting finishing details to pick and choose, and it’s always a treat to see your vision come to life. We admit it — plumbing is a far less exciting element of your bathroom reno, but your finished bathroom will only be as good as its plumbing. Here are four important plumbing considerations during a bathroom renovation.

Fixture Placement

How extensive is your renovation? Are you planning to relocate fixtures like your toilet, sink, or shower? If so, you’ll need to factor for the extra time and consideration it takes to relocate pipes in a way that don’t impact the foundation. Keep in mind that shuffling things around will likely impact venting, which will be an additional expense.

Drain Size

If you’ve routinely dealt with clogged drains, your bathroom renovation may be a good opportunity to increase your drain size. Openings that are too small are far more likely to clog quicker, thanks to all that soap scum, hair, and other waste going down the drain on a regular basis. Still, keep in mind that proper drain maintenance is important, no matter your drain size.

Concealing Plumbing Lines

The pipes behind sinks and fixtures can be left exposed for an industrial aesthetic, or concealed for a sleeker, more modern feel. Make a plan about which suits your renovation — it’s not hard for an experienced team to do, but it gets expensive if you decide to do it after the fact.

Upgrading Fixtures

Showerheads, faucets, and toilets are likely being swapped during your bathroom reno, but make sure to ask your plumber for eco-friendly recommendations. Here at River City Plumbing, we can answer all of your questions about low-flow fixtures so you can make the best decision for your home.

Don’t overlook the importance of good plumbing during your bathroom renovation. Contact River City Plumbing in Reno today for a consultation — we’ll make sure your plumbing is as perfect as that remodel.

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