Time to Start Winterizing your Northern Nevada Plumbing


About a month ago, we shared a post with plumbing maintenance tips for your home in autumn. If you didn’t get started then, it’s time to do so now! According to the local weather report, cooler weather is on the way, and a light freeze is possible by the weekend. Here’s how to start wintering your northern Nevada plumbing.

Check Outdoor Faucets

Disconnect your hoses to avoid freezing, expanding water that could cause damage to your faucets. And take a quick look at exterior faucets. If you see leaks or drips, it’s a good idea to get them serviced now. If you have interior shut-off valves for exterior pipes, shut them off and open the outdoor faucet valve for proper drainage.

Shut Down Irrigation

After uncoupling the hoses, it’s time to shut off your irrigation system. If you aren’t sure how to do that properly, River City Plumbing can help. Otherwise, follow the directions from your manufacturer to be sure no lingering water is left in your pipes, which could freeze and cause big headaches come spring.

Schedule your Annual Hot Water Service

Ensure your water heater is ready to go as cold weather sets in. We wrote last week about the importance of having your water heater flushed annually. It’ll keep sediment from building up and clogging your system, and it’s a good way to keep your water heater performing as it should for its full lifespan. Contact us today to get on the schedule.

In Reno and Sparks, River City Plumbing is here for all of your plumbing needs. Whether it’s an emergency or scheduled maintenance, we offer friendly, experienced, competitively-priced service. Remember us next time you need a plumber, and enjoy the cooler weather!

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