Two Signs of a Reputable Reno Plumbing Company

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When you’re dealing with a plumbing emergency, you don’t have the luxury of time. In most cases, the plumber who shows up first on Google is going to get your call. That’s why it’s always wise to have a reputable plumber in hand – an experienced, professional company that you trust. The best time to find a plumber is actually when you don’t need one. Then you have time to do a little research. And when you do, here are two signs of a reputable Reno plumbing company.

They Have a Great Reputation

Word of mouth is always a great way to learn about a plumber. Ask friends or family about their experiences with area plumbers so you can avoid the bad companies and zero in on the good ones. Once you get a few recommendations, do a little digging online. There are third-party platforms that review everything under the sun, and it’s not a bad idea to see how different customers rate a plumber.

They Offer Competitive Pricing and Free Estimates

Expect a free estimate from a plumbing company when they come out. And don’t be afraid to ask for a breakdown of parts versus estimated time. While an estimate is really just that – an estimate – because the true nature of a plumbing problem isn’t always readily apparent until the work begins, it’s important for the customer to have a general idea. A good plumber will also be forthcoming if it becomes clear that the initial estimate was too low.

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