Three Signs You Might Need a Sewer Line Replacement


Slow drains are irritating, but rarely do we think they’re evidence of any problem bigger than a clogged pipe. That’s true most of the time, but slow drains can also be an indication of a much bigger problem – an issue with your line. They aren’t the only indicators, either. River City Plumbing here in Reno is sharing these three signs you might need a sewer line replacement.

Age and Repeated Issues

Just like most things, sewer pipes are more likely to fail the older they get. If your home is fifty years or older, there’s a good possibility your sewer pipe is just as old. At some point very soon, it’s going to reach the end of its service life and need replacing.

Dealing with the same problems again and again, even after you’ve paid to have them fixed, can be another sign of a sewer line issue.

Tree Roots

Mature trees on your property have a number of advantages, but their roots can wreak havoc with sewer lines. That’s because root systems of established trees are surprisingly deep and wide, stretching well beyond the branch canopy. Over time, growing roots can slowly, steadily damage sewer pipes.

Suspicious Noises

While pipes can make a variety of sounds that don’t necessarily indicate a problem, there are some noises that shouldn’t be ignored. If you hear gurgles and bubbles when the sink is draining or the disposal is being run – especially if these sounds are audible in a room where no plumbing fixtures are being used – a sewer line clog is likely.

Trenchless Sewer Services in Reno

Replacing a sewer line is a big project, but with trenchless sewer replacement, River City Plumbing can minimize the mess, expense and labor. If you’re concerned about the state of your sewer line, contact River City Plumbing for some troubleshooting.

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