Before Hiring a Reno Plumber, Check These Four Things


Plumbing is a skilled trade, which means not everyone is qualified for the work. Unfortunately, that applies to a surprising number of folks who go by the title “plumber.” Before you trust your pipes and plumbing system to just anyone, it’s a good idea to do a little digging to make sure you’re working with someone who knows what they’re doing. And to help you do that, River City Plumbing is sharing four things you should do before hiring a plumber in Reno, or anywhere.

Check their Credentials

Your Reno plumber should be licensed, certified and insured. This information will typically be easily viewed on the company website, the company vehicle, and any paperwork you get from the company. If you don’t see it, ask for proof. In the event something goes terribly wrong, you’ll have no recourse if a plumber isn’t certified and insured.

Ask about Experience

Plumbing problems vary in their complexity, and specialized plumbing services often require some degree of experience. Ask whether the company has direct experience resolving your plumbing issue, as well as how long they’ve been in business. In most cases, the longer, the better.

Get an Estimate

Before hiring a plumber in Reno, ask for an estimate. Like anything, you often get what you pay for, so the cheapest quote isn’t necessarily the best option. Almost always, going with a licensed, experienced plumber who can offer fair, competitive rates is the best option.

Ask for a Reference

You can look at reviews online from third-party platforms, like Google, by searching the business name and looking at the right sidebar, but don’t hesitate to ask for a direct reference as well. That gives you an opportunity to ask for information that wouldn’t necessarily appear in an online review.

In Reno and Sparks, River City Plumbing has the experience and skill set to successfully resolve all of your plumbing issues. Whether you’re dealing with an emergency or you’re in need of routine service, we can help. Contact River City Plumbing today.

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