Three Signs It’s Time to Get Your Septic Tank Pumped


Many homes here in Reno and Sparks are on septic tanks. If your home is one of them, it’s important to stay vigilant about maintenance. An overly-full septic tank can lead to truly disastrous plumbing problems. Here are three signs it’s time to get your septic tank pumped.

You Can’t Remember the Last Time it was Serviced

Proper maintenance of your septic tank involves routine and regular service. Typically, household septic tanks are usually pumped every three to five years. Frequency for your septic tank service will depend on how big your household is, how much wastewater is generated, and your septic tank size. It’s important to keep track of service visits. It may not be necessary to pump your septic tank when a service provider visits, but the only way to know is to schedule that visit. In Reno, Sparks, and the greater northern Nevada region, River City Plumbing can service your septic tank and let you know if it’s time to have it pumped.

Water Begins Pooling

This is often one of the first signs that your septic tank is overflowing and needs to be emptied immediately. Pooling water can happen in many area, but pay attention to the lawn in and around the tank’s drain field. When your septic tank is doing its job, waste remains stays underground. But solid waste particles can clog drain field pipes, which causes wastewater to collect and rise to the surface of your drain field.

Something Stinks

A close-to-full septic tank starts to smell. If you’re outside and catching whiffs of unnaturally stinky odor, especially around the drain field near your septic tank, it’s probably a good idea to schedule a service call.

There are a few other telltale signs that your septic tank needs service. If your drains are becoming slower, or, more pressingly, you’re dealing with sewage backing up into sinks, toilets or tubs, don’t wait – call River City Plumbing for service today. While our team doesn’t pump septic tanks, we can service your tank and point you in the direction of a qualified company for the actual pump.

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