A Spring Plumbing Checklist for Northern Nevada Homeowners


Spring is here, and it’s time for homeowners to do a little work around the house. But we aren’t talking about spring cleaning. Just as you winterized your home to prepare for cold weather, so too should you prep your home for the demands of spring – higher temperatures and more water pressure. And to help you get started, the plumbing experts at River City Plumbing have prepared a spring checklist for northern Nevada homeowners.

Spring Plumbing Checklist

  • Sump pump and sewage injector: The sump pump keeps groundwater from accessing your basement or crawl space, and you can check that it’s working properly by filling it with enough water for the float switch to come on. The water level will drop if it’s working as it should. If not, call River City Plumbing for an inspection.
  • Washer and dishwasher supply hoses: Scan the hoses for cracks or aging to see if they need replacing. If either is more than ten years, it’s a good idea to switch them out.
  • Toilets: Notice any flushing or handle issues? An easy test for a toilet leak is to put a few drops of blue or yellow food coloring into the tank. If there’s any color in the bowl in about an hour, congratulations, you have a leak. Luckily, RCP can help!
  • Sink faucets and pipes: Clean out your drains in the kitchen and bathroom. Getting rid of small clogs can help prevent bigger issues down the road. Have a look at the pipes beneath the sinks too. If there are any cracks or leaks, those should be remedied ASAP.
  • Showerheads: Clean mineral build-up from your showerheads to avoid water pressure issues.
  • Water heater: This is a good time for an inspection and annual maintenance to flush sediment.
  • Outdoor plumbing: It’s just about time to turn on the water main for your outdoor plumbing. Check exterior hose bibs, which can crack during freeze-thaw cycles over the winter. If your bibs are leaking, RCP can help.

In Reno and Sparks, River City Plumbing is here to help with all of your plumbing concerns. Contact us today for scheduled and emergency service. And happy spring!

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