Two Reasons You Should be Cleaning Your Drains Regularly


There’s a lot involved in the upkeep of a home, and some jobs are easier to overlook than others. Cleaning out the drains is usually far down the list, but it really is something that be done routinely. Usually, homeowners notice a particular drain is moving slower than usual, and it gets worse and worse until it won’t drain at all. Then it’s time to unclog the drain, either DIY or by calling in a Reno plumber like River City Plumber. But there are problems that begin developing when drains are left to get this clogged, and it’s not mere inconvenience. Here are two reasons you should be cleaning your drains regularly.

Proper Drainage

The most obvious benefit of regular drain cleaning is fewer clogs. Fewer clogs means your drains are free to do their job properly. No matter how fastidious you are about what goes down your drain, it’s just about impossible to prevent some kind of build-up in the drain. What’s more, things like hair, grease, fibrous vegetable skins, soap scum, and coffee grounds are all common causes of clogs.

By making a point of regularly clearing out your drains to keep them clean, you’re ensuring that no wastewater is ever left standing in your sinks. And that’s important.

Fewer Odors

Unpleasant odors in the bathroom or kitchen sink are a telltale sign of a clog, and clogged drains are among the leading reasons people call a plumber. A little preventative maintenance here can avoid potentially costly repairs.

Keep in mind that routine drain cleaning doesn’t necessarily involve dumping a bottle of liquid drain cleaner into your pipes. While these are often billed as safe, they’re almost always corrosive to your pipes and damaging to the environment. This chemical method of cleaning will leave behind build-up and residue, unlike a professional plumber who will ensure your drains are properly cleaned.

Instead, try using very hot water or a mix of baking soda and vinegar. We share some tips on this blog post.

For the best service, schedule a visit with River City Plumbing. Nothing beats a professional clean, so if you’re dealing with slow drains and regular clogs, we can help.

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