Five Things to Keep Out of Your Garbage Disposal


It can be tempting to fling all manner of kitchen scraps down the drain. But it’s important to remember that your garbage disposal isn’t actually a second garbage can. There are some things that should never go down the drain – things that could end up costing you. Here are five things to keep out of your garbage disposal.

Cooking Grease

Bacon grease, butter, and vegetable oils pose two distinct problems if you’re regularly dumping them down the drain. First, these fatty foods can dull the blades in your garbage disposal, which means they’re less effective at their job. And second, because these fats will turn into solids once they cool, they’ll coat your pipes and eventually cause clogging. In a worst-case scenario, those clogs will lead to drain backups that are a huge mess and can be pricey to resolve.

Make a point of draining off grease into cans or jars that you can throw out.

Fibrous, Stringy Fruits and Veggies

Fibrous vegetables like celery, asparagus, cabbage, and broccoli can pose their own problems in the garbage disposal. Stringy pieces can wrap around the base of the disposal beneath the blades, which can wear out the motor. A blown motor will most likely mean an entire replacement, so toss those vegetable bits into the trash or compost pile instead.

Seeds & Pits

The hard seeds and pits of avocados, peaches, cherries, and mangoes should always go in the trash (or the garden, if you have a green thumb). Your garbage disposal is no match for them, and they’ll only blunt the disposal blades.


The blades in your garbage disposal are tough, but not tough enough for chicken bones or pork ribs. Never put these items down the drain.

Coffee Grounds

They may seem innocent enough, but wet coffee grounds have a tendency to build up. Soon, you’re dealing with sludgy blockages in your drain and disposal. Instead, sprinkle them in the garden as fertilizer or add them to the compost pile.

If you find yourself following these tips and you’re still dealing with slow drains in the kitchen sink, or plumbing problems anywhere in your home or office, River City Plumbing in Reno is here to help. Contact us for emergency service or scheduled maintenance today.

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