4 Common Summer Plumbing Problems


Freezing weather can wreak havoc on your plumbing, but the summer heat can cause its own problems too. Think about it – the kids are out of school, your irrigation system is running regularly, and barbecue leftovers may be finding their way to the garbage disposal, which means a little extra wear and tear on your pipes. Here are four common summer plumbing problems and how to avoid them.

Clogged Garbage Disposal

Fresh summer fruits are a tradition, but beware those stony pits! They’ll damage the blades in your disposal faster than you’d think. And they aren’t the only thing to keep out your drain. Don’t dump bacon grease, butter, or vegetable oil in the sink, any fibrous or stringy fruits or veggies, or leftover barbecue bones.

Irrigation Issues

If the kids are playing on the lawn all summer—with or without the slip-n-slide—make sure sprinkler heads or nearby drip systems aren’t getting damaged. The same is true if you have water-happy pets who like chomping on your irrigation. It’s more common than you think!

Washing Machine Woes

Extra loads of laundry in the summer, like beach towels, picnic blankets, and multiple changes of clothes for the kids, means your machine is working overtime. That can create opportunities for overflows and blockages. If you can keep your loads smaller, that will help.

Sluggish Shower Drains

Sand and dirt tend to find their way into the shower and bathtub during the summer, adding to the usual culprits that can clog your drains.

Sometimes, plumbing problems happen no matter how careful you are. In that case, River City Plumbing here in Reno and Sparks is ready to help you. Contact us to schedule regular maintenance or around the clock for emergency plumbing service. And enjoy your summer!

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