Sewer & Drain Line Inspections in Reno and Sparks


There are two types of homeowners — those who schedule sewer and drain line inspections as a preventative measure, and those who begin noticing foul odors and backed up pipes and end up needing emergency service. Either way, River City Plumbing in Reno offers experienced and professional sewer and drain line inspections and emergency service. Here’s what that includes.

Professional Plumbing Inspections & Service

If the DIY solutions are getting you nowhere, and odors seem to be persisting or drains are slow to drain, it’s time to bring in a good plumber. RCP will perform sewer and drain line inspections to address:

    • Debris blockages
    • Leaking joints in your pipes
    • Old and deteriorating piping materials
    • Cracked and separated sewer lateral, which connects your home’s plumbing to the main
    • Tree root damage to your pipes
    • Sagging drain lines

While preventive inspections can detect and resolve your commercial or residential plumbing issues before they snowball (saving you significant time and the panic that comes with a full-blown emergency plumbing scenario), we understand that plumbing is largely ignored until there’s a problem.

However, we do recommend that homeowners schedule a sewer and drain line inspection, whether you’re purchasing a new home or you’ve lived in your home for over ten years. Emergency plumbing services tend to be costly and come with the potential for extensive damage, and an inspection is a simple way to schedule service during a time that’s convenient for you and at a fraction of the cost of emergency repairs.

Underground Plumbing Services

Underground plumbing projects call for an experienced and specialized team, and that’s what you get with River City Plumbing. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can quickly and easily identify potential or existing problems.

If you’re noticing blockages, lingering odors, or you just want to be sure your sewer and drain lines will be in good shape for years to come, River City Plumbing is here. Contact us today and we’ll send one our plumbing experts over at your convenience. 

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