At RCP Reno, our plumbers can inspect the most difficult sewers and help you meet the building safety code with our inspection plumbing. We have a team that goes through rigorous training in different types of sewers, and they are always updated on recent technologies and trends. 

River City Plumbing is licensed to inspect homes for plumbing issues. We also do the plumbing inspection for old houses to identify the plumbing issues. Again, you can do it for a place you have just moved to, so you don’t face plumbing problems later on. If you plan to sell a house or put it up for rent, you should get a plumbing inspection done. With plumbing inspection, you can identify all the issues your plumbing system might have early on. Our services involve water usage analysis, under the home inspection, and new home plumbing inspection. 

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Why get the Plumbing Home inspection done? 

If you want to save yourself from costly plumbing repairs and emergency plumbing issues, inspection is the way to go. Inspection is affordable. It is far less expensive than getting plumbing repairs. During the inspection, you can identify small plumbing issues that go unnoticed. Leaks and clogging can be identified early on, so you don’t have to face a broken pipe situation of overflowing sewage water situation. If your house is old, the plumbing inspection becomes particularly important.  

Do you have an unusually high water bill?

If you notice high water bills, it might be due to leaks. Not all leaks are obvious. Leaks in the basement, underground, inside the walls often go unnoticed. Not only will they damage the structure of your house, but they will also cause mold formation and high electricity bills. Our inspection team can map out the pipelines and inspect the whole line. Once we identify the leak, we can fix it effectively. Ignoring signs of leaks that will lead to your house’s structural damage will cause thousands of dollars of repair. 

Do you notice mold in the walls?

Mold is often the telltale sign of leaks in the pipeline. Our plumbers will identify the cause of mold. They will get to the bottom of issues, and when the leak is identified, they can repair the leak and provide a comprehensive solution to get rid of the mold. Mold not only dulls the look of your walls, but it also smells bad and is not good for health. Leaks inside the walls damp your walls and increase the electricity bills.

Water main and Sewer Main Inspection

Leaks in the lines that go underground are often ignored. These leaks can cause erosion and loosening of the ground. Sewage leakage can cause water backups and smelly surroundings. With our plumbing inspection, we will be able to identify leaks in the line underground.

River City Plumbing can identify any issues you may have with your plumbing lines. We are experienced in all kinds of plumbing in Reno, Nevada. We have got specialized cameras for a home inspection that can identify issues that become bigger later on. We are highly flexible and easy to work with. You can come for inspection at any time you want us to. We are available on weekends as well.

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